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Todd K.

Robb Construction has decades of experience.
They have always been prompt, professional and fair priced in my dealings with them. I would and always do refer them when I have the opportunity.

Sierra Santa Fe Inc

We have know the Robb Family and Robb Construction since 1978. The Zimmerly Family and Sierra Santa Fe just started working with the 3rd generation of Robb Construction Family members and we looking forward to the same superior craftsmanship and service they have provided us over the last 41 yrs.

Pakapa Inc

We at PaKaPa, Inc have worked closely with Robb Construction and the Robb family since we started in 2015. Their performance of work, professionalism, dedication and the pride they take in their work is unparalleled. PaKaPa, Inc highly recommends and commends Robb Construction for their superior work and will continue doing business with Robb Construction and the Robb family for many years to come

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