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Demolitions with

Robb Construction

Often when buying property, there are buildings that don't meet your standards of quality. That's where we come in here at Robb Construction. We have the equipment and know-how to do any demolition from big buildings to homes. We take the time to make sure it's not only appropriately done but also the cheapest way possible. A demolition shouldn't be just about taking a building down, it should also be about keeping a clean job site, and that is something we strive to achieve.


Safety first? Safety is a top priority when it comes to all facets of construction, especially demolitions. We want a safe and clean workspace for everyone even if that means taking a little extra time to do so. 

Where do the materials go? We not only try to do whats best for you the customer but whats best for the environment. Most jobs we take the time to separate out materials to take to the dump and material that can be recycled for future use. We believe in trying to do our part in keeping the world a little greener at a time.


What happens if we have asbestos or mold?  This is nothing to worry about and can be resolved easily. When going to do a demolition permits are required that have the city check for asbestos. Once checked you will either have to 

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