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Dirt Work

  Robb Construction Inc:

Your Dirt Work/Excavating  Company

Breaking ground on any new construction project is a big day and we here at Robb Construction want to be your number one call. Whether you feel your project is small or big we are always willing to take a look. What kind of dirt work or excavating services do we provide?

Grading - Often to make a site for new homes or buildings it requires the surface to be leveled and widened to fit the project. We use fine-tuned lasers and equipment to make sure that everything can be as close as possible. 

Utilities - Whether it's a power ditch, water line, or sewer connection we are capable of it all. We make sure to take our time locating lines and avoiding any more damage than possible. 

Demolitions - When buying land this often comes with unwanted buildings or materials. Demoing can be a quick and easy process to get a project started in the right direction.

Drainage systems - Let's face it we live in the North-West and it rains a lot. Having a good drainage system is a necessity to keep water levels down and from getting into places water just should be. 

Screening - One of the newest additions to our fleet of equipment is a screener for on-site dirt screening. This allows us to use on-site materials more efficiently and to help clean out rocky dirt. 

Retaining walls - Many projects require some sort of wall to help separate parts of your property. We specialize in building beautiful rock walls using boulders. We don't just want it to be a functional wall but a part of your landscaping. 

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