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Land Clearing

Need Land Clearing? Go Through This List First

Often the first step in any project is the clearing of the site for what's ahead, whether that is a new home, septic system, or driveway. Land clearing is a part of the project many see as easy but should be taken seriously with every project regardless of size. Let's take a look at some of the basics of land clearing to help you understand if it's one of the excavating services you'll need on your project.

Land clearing services are needed when you're working to get an area ready for building or renovation. Unfortunately, most land, especially in the Pacific Northwest, does not lend itself to easy building right away. There are often trees, stumps, and boulders that must be removed before starting any project. What exactly we clear is dependant on the area need for the project and what clients request.

The cost of land clearing is often a hard thing to estimate. Many factors come in to play when looking at the clearing project. What exactly do you want cleared and how much needs to be cleared for your project? Is the project hilly and what size of trees and boulders will we be dealing with? As you can clearly see there is no one price fits all for a clearing project. Meeting on-site and having detailed discussions is the best way to get an accurate price.  

If you're looking to start any project, Robb Construction is here to help with all of your land clearing and excavating needs. Give us a call today to learn more about how we can help start your project off right.

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